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Legal Nomads ranked 3rd out of 13 on the Popular Digital Nomad Blogs

Twitter: @legalnomads

The rankings are just a matter of popularity on a number of factors:

  1. Moz Page Authority - links to the blog (with higher value based on the authority of the pages providing the links)
  2. Curious Cat - subjective ranking by us (popularity with us)
  3. RSS feed subscribers - popularity with subscribers
  4. Moz PageRank - popularity based on links to the blog
  5. traffic rank (via Alexa Global and Alexa US) - visitors to the blog
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It seems likely there is some value in these measures of popularity for finding blogs that you will enjoy, but the value of a blog to readers cannot be measured so easily. Our site helps you find some blogs to try and hopefully you will find some you enjoy enough to subscribe.


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