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This is just meant to be a fun list. The biggest factor is in which blogs I chose to include.  Mainly I am looking for a distinctly personal point of view, travel content I find interesting and relatively active content. Suggest a new blog.

Rank Name Points
1 Young Adventuress 82 details
2 Independent Travel Cats 70 details
3 Vagabond Journey 62 details
4 Camels and Chocolate 62 details
5 rvsue and her canine crew 56 details
6 Interstellar Orchard 56 details
7 Our Open Road 54 details
8 Living in Malaysia 49 details
9 Curious Cat Travel Destinations Blog 45 details
10 Charlie on Travel 42 details
11 Anna Everywhere 42 details
12 Drivin' and Vibin' 41 details
13 Hobo Ahle 34 details
14 Eat, Sleep, Wander 34 details
15 Polonization 33 details
16 Toadly Broodle 32 details
17 Chaos Leaves Town 31 details
18 Born Under a Wandering Star 30 details
19 Rock Meets Soil 28 details
20 Slim Potatohead Presents 25 details
21 Connected States 24 details
22 Always the Road 18 details
23 Trey Frye 11 details

The rankings are computed with the following factors

1) Moz page authority

2) a subjective ranking by Curious Cat

3) RSS feed subscribers

4) Moz page rank

5) traffic rank (via Alexa Global and Alexa US)

6) Author Twitter authority (followers compared to those followed, retweets...)


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